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Inverness Rowing Club Boat List

We have a full range of boats available. Some are available for general club use, and some are reserved for experienced crews.

There are also privately owned boats stored in the boathouse, which should never be used without the permission of the owner.

Boat type Name Description Crew Special instructions
Eight Lochindorb Simms   General club use
Coxed 4 Rogie Falls Janousek Stern coxed (4+ or 4x+) 80kg Suitable for general club use. Can be used as 4x without a cox but only with a competent experienced crew
Loch Awe Janousek Stern coxed (4+ or 4x+) 70kg Suitable for general club use as above – but lighter than Rogie Falls.
Caledonian Queen ERB Bow coxed 4+ 70kg For use by experienced sitting crews (of Lightweight men or women)
only with express permission of captain. Shoes small in all seats.
Dochfour Simms Stern coxed 4+ 85kg Only suitable for use by experienced crews with express permission of captain
Coxless 4 James A Stevenson Stamfli 4- / 4x   Only for use by competent crews. Juniors should have a coach on the bank at all times
Coxless pair/double Wyvis Kanghua 2x TBC TBC
Strathspey Janousek 2x or 2- 85kg Competent crews
Rhona Wintech 2x or 2- 75kg Competent crews
Raasay Wintech 2x or 2- 75kg Competent crews
Come Along Side Sims 2x or 2- 85kg Competent crews
Tanera Mor 2x/2- 85kg Competent crews
Single sculls Eriskay Kanghua 1x TBC TBC
Affric Janousek 1x 80kg Competent scullers
Schiehallion Wintech 1x 70kg Competent scullers
Jura Wintech 1x 60kg Juniors
Islay Wintech 1x 60kg Juniors
Green machine Bergashel 90kg  
Dava Wintech 1x 90kg  
Millstream Janousek 1x 80kg General club use
Development boats Tub Coxed 2x/ 2-   Beginners / General club use
Hudson Coxless 2x   Beginners / General club use
Di Bentley Coxed 2-   Beginners / General club use
Mondego Coxed/coxless 1x   Beginners / General club use