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Club Constitution
IRC Constitution (pdf)
Club Code of Conduct
IRC Code of Conduct (pdf)
Accident Report Form
IRC Safety Incident Report Form (pdf)
Club Resources Request Form
IRC_ClubFundsAndResources_v1.0 (docx)
Club Safety Policy (summary)
Safety Briefing (pdf)
Guidance for Club Time Supervisors
A map of our head course
(including directions to boathouse)
Map (pdf)
The Inverness Rowing Club Coxes guide
(by Thomas Prag - and containing all his usual wit and wisdom)
IRC Guide for Coxes (pdf)
Information for Potential New Members
By Club Secretary Rosie Arthur. July 2015 version
Information_for_potential_members (pdf)
Membership Form
To be completed by all current and potential new members
Membership Application Form 2017 (pdf)
Membership Application Form 2017 (docx)
New Rower Profile Form (senior)
New Rower Profile Sheet (pdf)
New Rower Profile Form (junior)
New Rower Profile Sheet JUNIOR (pdf)
Club Membership Terms and Conditions
InvernessRowingClubMembershipPolicy (pdf)
Boat List
A spreadsheet giving information on our fleet.
BoatList 2017 (pdf)
BoatList 2017 (ods spreadsheet)