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Information and Club Policies

Club Constitution

This document can be found on our Downloads Page

Code of Conduct for Members and their Guests

This document can also be found on our Downloads Page

BEGINNERS (Come and Try Sessions)

For complete beginners we arrange Come and Try sessions on a regular basis. Ideally we suggest that those new to rowing commit to a Come and Try day followed by 3-4 consecutive weekends rowing so that you can get a feel for the sport and a sense of progression over the 4 weeks.
At the end of this we would hope that you would be able to join a novice group of rowers and continue your rowing development. A small charge of £25 is made for the Come and Try Day. This will be deducted from the annual subscription if you decide to join the club. Please contact
Further information can be also be found on our Downloads Page


Canal traffic travels on the right hand side, so boats should stay on the boathouse side when rowing up to Dochgarroch, and on the City side on the way back.


Our regular Club training sessions, for experienced rowers are at 8.00am and 10.00am on Saturday and Sunday mornings (9.00am and 11.00am in winter).
During summer months experienced rowers will arrange outings amongst themselves during the evenings. We row throughout the year, barring ice or very strong wind. As we are a small club, the turn-out on any given Saturday or Sunday is variable and may be sparse, especially if the club is competing at a regatta elsewhere.
Therefore if you are an experienced rower moving to the Inverness area, it is better if any visit is arranged through or another committee member beforehand.
We would usually want to see you row/scull before allowing you take out one of our club singles and would arrange for your first outing to be as member of a crew.

Competent members can use club boats at anytime.
Boathouse keys can be obtained from Hazel Smith (club captain) for a deposit of £ 20.


Please also see the membership form on the Downloads Page.
figures are for year 2016-2017 - renewal date is 1st April.

Senior Member
£ 150
Associate (non Rowing)
£ 75
Student / Unwaged
£ 90
Junior (J15 to J18)
£ 75
Cadet (J11 to J14)
£ 60
Temporary Member
by arrangement with Captain / Treasurer
Please note there are also additional costs for some training camps, and obtaining a racing license from Scottish Rowing.


There are 3 different types of races, held at different times of year.