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35th Anniversary Row

posted by Unknown (Taken from new IRC website) - 6 Apr 2023, 6:53 p.m.

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  • Neil Wallace

Last weekend provided a perfect weather window for a reunion of the Rogie Falls Boatclub (the precursor to Inverness Rowing Club).
Thirty five years ago this crew made their way down to the Head of the River Race on the famous Tideway course, the same as the Boat Race course but in reverse.

  • Gay Faulkner (cox)
  • Iain Morton (Str)
  • Mark Wilson (7)
  • Bruce Murdoch (6)
  • Jamie MacLean (5)
  • Alec Maciver (4)
  • Jonny Wetherspoon (3)
  • David Finlayson (2)
  • Iain Leighton (Bow)
showed they still know how to row and made the most of the fine weather.

Having led to the formation of the club we all row for today we are all hugely grateful to the impetus they provided to establish rowing on the Caledonian Canal and they will always be welcome back at the club.
Getting the boat in and out of the canal is certainly easier than when this crew first started training here, when it took a 300m carry and negotiating a stile!

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